Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heyhey guys! Liren here, and here's a poem about the trip. It's not very good so =X

I remember the
Of unsweet mangos

Sitting in a bus
For bicycles to be assembled

And I remember
Feeling welcome
In a place I had no relation to

And now that I’m back
In a home, in a life
I find myself

Rushing backwards
For all that I felt
Trying, to keep it real

Of eden overgrown
Between mansions

Of climbing bars
Attached to the sides
Of houses

Of piping
In soil
In roads

Of sunsets
Marred by rust


To look underneath
Our expectations
To what was actually

And to keep, and treasure
Till I could pass it on, and even after

I remember the taste
Of crunchy,
Unsweet, mangoes

My hope
Is that
One day,

You will too.

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